On Syria

The news you won’t hear, to let you know you’re being played, is that US is bombing Syrian civilians,

I don’t think that many people know what’s actually going on Syria. I don’t claim to be knowledgable myself, but here’s what I’ve gathered.

The four main ground forces in Syria are the current regime – Assad’s dictatorship, the rebels (some secular, some fundamentalists), the extremist ISIS and the Kurds. But there are also Backers, such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia and the US.
In the meantime, Russia has moved in Nuclear weapons and the US is leading  multi-national air strikes on Syrian soil, mainly against ISIS. Years to come, this will be called World War III. Just wait for it.
Thing is, there are no good guys in this war. the innocent Syrians need to choose between a cruel dictatorship or an oppressing fundamentalist rebels.
4 million people (fifth of the population) fled out of Syria and another 8 millions are displaced within. Out of the four million, 1.1 million reach the neighboring Lebanon – a country of 4 million people. Now imagine the economic strain on that country.
It the past few days, there has been numerous reports of massacres in several different Syrian cities (rumored to be fake, actually) that call for international intervention. and that concern me. would sending more army forces into this swap be helpful in any way? There’s are no good guys in this war that we could route for. There is no best-scenario outcome.
If you want your country to help – help the refugees and the displaced. that simple, fair and square. as for that damned blood-spilled land, I believe there should be an international agreement to sanction every import of Weapon, money and experts into the region. Drain it. Let them run out of bullets
In this regard, the UN security council should be thought over as its five countries unrebuked power is a major blocker in the peace process. Once one of these countries sides with one of the fighting factions, the war becomes unstoppable, to the dismay of the innocent victims.
I wonder, as a theoretical game, what would happen if the UN would sanction any war-mongering country, let’s say prohibiting any import/export of military equipment and weapons to and from that country. It would definitely annihilate Israel’s economy. But it would also leave the US in a very weird place as it currently pride itself to be the free world’s police offer and peace-keeper by bombing people in Somalia. And that’s the biggest problem with world’s politics. There are plenty of hypocritical self-righteous SOBs out there that you’ll need to deal with, one way or another.
Well, good luck people of Syria and the people of the rest of the world who are soon to follow.

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