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A man got drunk, drove his car home, got himself into a car accident and got himself injured. He has no one to blame but himself. He had it coming.

A woman got drunk. Someone took her home and there he raped her. Did she had it coming? Let’s assume for a minute that these two cases are parallel and when you do something stupid you should expect to get punished for it. Maybe this is true, but let’s change the focus from the victim to the allegedly offender – did he have the right to punish her?

Trying to wiggle yourself out by saying it’s not a punishment will raise the question “okay, so what was it for her?” and the rapist would might say “I thought she wouldn’t mind” or “she actually wanted it, that’s why she got drunk to begin with” but these two line of thinking leads to the conclusion that her opinion didn’t really matter, because men know best. We’ll get back to that point in a second.

A research named “Denying Rape but Endorsing Forceful Intercourse: Exploring Differences Among Responders” surveyed college students and found a big difference between the number of people who admitted they’ll rape a person in certain situation and difference. So maybe these highly intelligent college-student males didn’t actually thought it through or maybe they did – and the problem is actually much deeper than mere sociopathic stupidity.

How can a man have sex with a woman without her consent but not rape, how does this work? Well, quite simple, actually -if the woman’s will doesn’t count. “she doesn’t know what she wants (she’s just a woman after all)“.

I might have accepted it as plausible but it raises the question – “OK, if this is not rape, then what is?” Oh, this is actually quite simple too – if there’s another men, such as the girl’s husband or father, involved and he objects to the sex. In this world-view, “the subject of rape isn’t a woman (person), rather than another man’s property”.

But unlike the kind of rapes the media usually warns about – the one that occurs in dark alleys, many cases of rape are actually committed by the woman’s spouse or family member.In such case, this is definitely shouldn’t be considered as rape, as the man is ENTITLED to have sex with. Her opinion on the matter doesn’t count (and of course there’s no other man to object).

The research proved a dire cognitive dissonance for college students male, but I believe it should be accompanied by follow-up research about women – how many of them were raped? how many of them had sex against their will? Should the research come up with similar results as the male’s study, it’ll show that our understanding and the legal term of “rape” isn’t as common as we might hope. Perhaps their definition would be “Rape by definition involves violence“. This might explain sentences such “Don’t resist if you don’t want to get raped“. rape is a very strong label, so if you don’t want to get stigmatise you shouldn’t probably not object. Again, putting the girl’s consent out of the equation.

So a girl might (should ask) “how far does a fight have to go to count? as most women are physically smaller and less experienced in violence than man, are my choices stand between ‘not-rape’ and killing myself fighting back?”

Even if the definition of “rape” was reduced to “violent-only” – why should a person have sex if s/he doesn’t want to (disregarding the name of the act)?  So putting aside “women are property” claim, which makes things much more extreme and easier to deal with (we abolished slavery, women aren’t slaved, move one) a man might think that either the woman’s opinion doesn’t matter or maybe he doesn’t believe her. In his view, “all women are either naive bimbos that are just waiting to discover the magical world of sex, or nymphomaniac whores, ready to sleep with anyone who would offer them”. these are two different personas for women – that men find it easy to accept, because in both the women are not in control.

I also think it’s a cultural thing – how do we, as society, perceive “women having sex” – whenever you call a girl a slut, or easy-a, you’re actually perpetuating this environment in which “sex is women’s most dangerous addiction and only bad girls falls to temptations“. A man’s daughter/sister should be protected from sinning, even at the cost of their own life otherwise they’ll be stripped away from their feminine humanity and would bring dishonour to their (male) owner. And on the other side, we make sure not to acknowledge that men, too, are also sexual beings beyond the point of “anywhere, anytime, with anyone and anything”.

Everyone wants sex, all the time – boys and girls alike. “That is why it is easy for girl to seduce boys by wearing seductive clothes”. Are they seducing? do the man object? did the girl actually made the man change his mind from ‘I shan’t rape today‘ to ‘Oh well, why not?‘. So even seductive clothes don’t really seduce man to do something that wanted to begin with, rather than it gives them the legitimacy to act upon this will. “Well, if she didn’t want everyone to touch her butt, she shouldn’t have dressed like a slut”Did provocative clothing turn the girl’s body into a public commodity with free samples? “Well, how can I tell whether the woman dressed sexy for her own personal amusement or because she hoped that someone would touch her bottom?”. Well,You can start by thinking that no girl want to be touched disrespectfully. We can assume that all man and woman wants to be respected. Did you show any sign of respect towards the girl whose butt you just squeezed? respecting her also means respecting her wishes, and if you haven’t done so, you probably did something you weren’t suppose to do.

“Girls are fickle-minded and therefore their opinion can be considered as a mere suggestion”. Anyone can be persuaded, boys and girls alike. It just seems that boys don’t really wait to persuade the girls using reasoning, rather use a more direct approach, with brute force. Being stronger doesn’t make you right.

Can your MOTHER want/refuse sex? I think there’s a great cognitive dissonance in which man simply cannot contain the thought of their mother as a sexual being just like any other woman out there. (and if they could – they would’ve raped her just the same).In our patriarch – society, the mother role is considered sacred – but does she fall on the role of a strong leader or is she the household’s crown jewel?if we considered the following statements – (a) “She has a special role in your life”; (b) “She must not get raped (by anyone that is not your father, of course)”; (c) “She is as important as man”, the rapists would accept (a) because of (b), and not vice-versa, while (c) doesn’t even register.

Rape is the product of a society that views women as men’s commodity.
Do you think a girl is not the sole owner of her body rather than a commodity to be handled by men? Every time you deny the man’s responsibility from his sexual advances toward unwilling female participants, you are perpetuating the latter.



Six years ago I made a video predicting the way we would interact with technology in 2020. Truth be told, it was more of a commentary on Minority Report movie, and having strong belief in augment reality. This video still gets comments, most referring to the probability or improbability of such interface considering today’s technologies advances. My usual response is “hey, this prediction was done when touch technology was only surfacing!”. I think it was a relatively good prediction back then. But things have changes since then and I was asked now and again what is my prediction now.

I should give credit dues, just as the previous prediction wasn’t mine (although the vision was. Making that video wasn’t simple with zero budget!), this idea isn’t completely mine as well. I have two sources to rely on – one is this TED lecture by Tom Uglow and the second is Harry potter. I should also give some credit to my sister, whose been bugging me for year to invent a photo-album that can also store short videos.

Since 2009, I became an environmentalist, and I’m much more aware of the economic fragility that began at 2008 and I believe will never fully recover. That in mind, I can give 3 predictions. The first is that most things will stay as they are: after all, the difference between iPhone 1 and iPhone 6 are negligible.  The second is that the economy will collapse before any major improvement will take place. Just like Cuba got stuck somewhere in the 50s, so we will get stuck with today’s technology for years to come, It’s actually a lot more horrid than you think, because things built in the 50s were built to last, while today, electronics simply die after 5-10 years (I’m still proud owner of an iPhone 4, that today for some strange reason would ignore my attempts to communicate with him for an hour so. Very frustrating.)

But let’s imagine humanity will able to pull it through. In my most optimistic vision, where do I hope technology would lead?

Imagine you have a book. an e-ink paper book, so every page is actual screen. Now comes the important question – why would you need a book filled with many e-ink screens? and there are two answers – one is to give the book a sense of essence – weight, and the second is that each page is actually a bookmark to a different page you’d like to keep. Of course you can have a virtual bookmark, but it’s much nice to browse through the pages to find what you’re looking for. the size of a book is a personal issues – kids would probably want a small simple book to begin with, while scholars would probably go with a big leather-cased book. They’ll be proud of their big book, just like people were once proud in their enormous library of book which they’ve never read in their life but they hoarded because it made them feel more intellectual.

Some spec – so every page is a double-sided e-ink screen, sensitive to a special pen that can be used to write on it. the cover contains the actual computer; It might also contain a small solar panel can use to charge the battery that helps to run your book for weeks on end. The cover also contains a WIFI adapter that connects to other books to form a network of books sharing an online connection to the internet.

Reading stuff from a book is somewhat intuitive – just open the book and read, when you reach the end of the page, simply flip the page and it will automatically show the next page (of course you can scroll down in the very same page, but why?). If you happen to reach the end of the book but the current content didn’t end, simply press the marked circle at the end of the of the page and flip back a few pages, When you let go of the circle, the new page will continue with the previous content. Writing is also very intuitive – just use the special pen and start jotting down on the paper as the e-ink will display your scribbles.if the first line of your text was underlined – that will be the title of your text (otherwise, the title will be the time and the first few words). Erasing text is also easy – simply use the the other side of your pen over written lines and it will be erased. When you’re ready to save your content, simply draw a save icon, a circle around it and press on it for two second, the circle will blink and your text is saved. Which brings us to actions in general. To issue an action, draw it’s icon; a circle around it and press on it for few seconds. If your don’t know which actions are available, draw the hamburger icon (three lines) and a menu of all available actions (and their icons) will pop. Some applications might have actions button already appearing on the page and then all you have to do is press them for two seconds. The text is saved in your hand-writing, but you can transform it to actual text at any time.

I don’t think there’ll be application in the book. At least not as we know them. Mainly because no one really cares, which application they’re using, as long as they get their work done. Why would I want to deal with incompatible versions or upgrades or anything like that. But this doesn’t mean you can only read and write. Obviously you can read and write mail messages, by a adding a “To: xxx” at the top of the message and drawing the “send” action. Your inbox will appear on one page and by marking a message and flipping to the next page, you’ll be able to read what your grandmother has send you. Flipping back will bring you to your inbox again. crossing over the messages will remove them from the inbox the next your flip a page. Searching the web is also easy, write your query or question and draw either the search or the question mark action icons to see the answer form in front of your eyes. The big difference between a general query and a question mark is that the question mark is curated – usually more focused but my be limited at times.

A great way to interact with book is the use of bookmarkspicture of a book. Whenever you have content that is important to you and want to have a quick reference to it in the future, just put a sticky bookmark on the side of the page. you’ll quickly see a black border forming at the edge of the page. Now, whenever you open the book on that page, the previous content will pop up. If, however, you’re reading content that extends over several pages and your flip through a bookmarked page, your bookmark will give its place to the current content your viewing, as if it wasn’t there. To quickly switch back to the bookmarked page, take the page up and down and quick motion, as if the knock the previous content from it. Note that when looking at another page’s content, removing the sticky-bookmark and re-applying it will cause the un-bookmarking the previous page and marking the new one instead.

As regards to Music and videos – personally I don’t think books should be used to play music. You will probably have a seashell-looking speaker whose interface is very likely to be like today’s iPod. and videos will be played using a crystal orb or projected. Not that music and videos are strangers to the book, but that’s not its purpose and I consider it a waste of battery-life. You’d probably disagree, but heck, if Steve Jobs allowed himself to limit the user capabilities, why can’t I.

And on a closing note-