Why do user-profile-image matters

Once again, I haven’t written in the blog for quite some time. I should probably set a fixed day of the week for me to write. I’ll get to that some day, but for now I’m in a constant struggle between blogging about the latest features or adding a new feature, assuming that the time may be used for only one of these options.

To be honest, after a long period in which I barely touch the project, having a gazillion other things to do, I’ve realized that I’m not making any progress because my time is too fragmented. half-an-hour here and there isn’t enough to make an honest progress. It takes me that amount of time just to sit next to my laptop and make sure I don’t have any unread messages. But things have changed in the past 2 weeks. I decided to give the project one hour, usually as soon as I get back home from work, before doing anything else. Having it as part of the routine actually help me get things done. So in the past I made several great updates and I’ll try to write on each one on separates blog posts

So one of the new features was adding a profile image for each user. By default user get the anonymous person image but they can change it, by going to their profile page (clicking on their name in the sidebar-menu) and uploading a new image.

I believe the image is important visually, as it bring more space and color to the somewhat-awfully dull looking text. It also help users find other users that their opinions and ideas are interesting to read. And finally, I think it give the entire forum a more humane look by providing faces you can relate to.

Three features added to my TO-DO list: First, the ability to crop image. Currently the image is automatically re-sized to the proper size and the user only needs to confirm it. Secondly, uploading the image requires two actions(select image, click “upload”). As far as I’m concerned, as soon as you selected the image, I can already show you the image for crop and confirmation. And lastly, dragging the image file unto the profile-page is very intuitive.

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